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The AGOTUR is the union representative group of Official Tourist Guides, certified in technical level in Lima and specialized in university level, and it is the oldest of its kind in Latin America.
It is a private law legal person and it represents professional’s members practicing the role of Official Tourist Guide in several languages.

It was founded on December 26th 1940. Members of the School of Cicerones gathered and hubbub raised the charter of the "Association of Official Tourist Guides". This historic event took place in the house of the American Institute I.C.P.N.A Peruvian Cultural Center in Lima.

On July 31, 1948. The Peruvian government finally officially recognizes the Association of Official Tourist Guides, based in Lima value, and approves its statutes.


Protect, promote, manage, ensure and defend the rights of professional tour guides. Strengthening their cultural capacities, in coordination with institutions in the public-private sector as well as the protection of cultural and natural heritage.

Strengthen brotherhood among members of the institution and create friendships with others to develop strategic relationships for the benefit of all.


Being an excellent professional in the national and international tourism sector to develop happily in this profession, which will be performed with professionalism, ethics, security and quality of service that satisfy the expectations of every visitor.


The purpose of the association is to contribute to the knowledge of Peru, history, art and culture in general, as well as strengthening and development of the profession of Official Tourist Guide.

In addition to its purposes they are linked:

As Professional:

  • Represent its members to institutions related to the field, defending and while safeguarding their rights.
  • Ensure compliance with laws supporting the professionalization of the Official Tourist Guide and precautionary the exercise itself.
  • Provide the best care to visitors, establish relationships with
    Travel and Tourism Agencies and entities who request it, to recommend the Association professionals when they have been requested directly to the institution.
  • Study and make recommendations on issues related to improving tourism. And. Enroll in the Association of Official Tourist Guides the professional with title.

In the cultural and scientific:

  • Promote the improvement of its members, organizing cultural events on: history, archeology, anthropology, art, ecology, tourism techniques and other topics related to the tourism task.
  • Support study and research trips within the country and abroad, as well as participate in conferences and events related to the profession.
  • Develop professionals with or without the collaboration of other entities in the tourism sector events.
  • Sponsor the publication of books, newsletters and brochures to publicize the cultural and natural heritage of Peru.
  • Provide advisory services and professional consulting.
  • Actively collaborates in the care and maintenance of historic, cultural and natural heritage.

In Social:

  • Promote the spirit of solidarity, collaboration and professional development of Official Tourist Guide.
  • Maintain relations with similar institutions in Peru and abroad to exchange knowledge and experiences in solving problems of professional, social and cultural order.
  • Participate in efforts towards tourism, social and cultural development.
  • Tender reciprocity and unification of relationships between its members and members of related associations, in order to strengthen the bond between them.


Honesty: honest person lives what he preaches and expresses his thought without disrespecting anyone, he says the truth timely is fair to assign to each corresponding. Honest you can say: "Here is a man in whom there is no fold". biblical quote.

Loyalty: With your family, with colleagues, and society. Respect the word, show a sense of belonging from their academic thinking and acting, giving their best on stage to fulfill its task.

Communication: Ability of expression, respect and listen. Supposed sense of freedom, openness and respect.

Service: Assuming as a principle of life and as the best way to express the collaboration, solidarity, respect for others, quality and joy. Always remember that the service promotes respect for others.

Tolerance: The ability to understand or cope, to accept the difference. Further attitude with respect to others.

Responsibility: To make life responsibility must respond with interest, effort and perseverance to the demands of duty involved in the work, responsibility requires discipline, accuracy; awareness of values such as work, creativity, the ability to reason, righteousness and strength of character.

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